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Artificial Intelligence as-a-service

Craft ai aims to democratize the use of Artificial Intelligence by the companies. We are huge believers in the power of AI to improve companies and increase performance. We have developed a unique MLOps solution that considerably facilitates the build, the deployment and the monitoring of AI. Furthermore, we support our clients from the definition of the project to the delivery in production. Our goal is leading our clients to faster and stronger business impact thanks to AI.

One of the main pillars of Craft ai is to promote ethical and responsible AI. It has three implications: we only provide explainable AI for letting the humans retain control on the technology, we have a privacy by design solution and we have a low-carbon infrastructure.

Furthermore, we believe that technologies like AI must serve the big challenges encountered by our societies. AI has a preponderant role to play in every industry. 

Some examples of projects:

Energy: Coaching of consumption, Building's energy efficiency, Anomalies detection

Industry: Predictive Maintenance, Stock level optimization, 

Retail: Stock level optimization, User experience customization

Education: Pedagogical content recommandation, Dropout of school

Healthcare: Staff planning management, Patient capacity management, Smart coding acts