Beagle GPT

作成者: Decision Point Analytics Inc

Powered by GPT, the Beagle conversation analytical tool provides real-time insights into your data

Beagle is a conversational analytics tool powered by GPT, designed to help you gain valuable insights from your data with ease. Beagle streamlines data adoption in your organization through its user-friendly interface and effortless collaboration features.

Beagle is a simple and powerful conversational analytics tool, perfect for everyone in the organization, from the leadership team to managers, analysts, sales reps, and store managers who need data and insights on the go.

Unique Benefits:

  1. Natural language processing for accurate insights: Beagle enables communication in simple English, providing accurate insights from your data.
  2. Context retention for deeper analysis: Beagle can retain the context of your previous queries, which improves accuracy, conversation flow, efficiency, and personalization, allowing it to provide more effective insights.
  3. Insight summary generation for easy grasping of critical insights: Beagle's creates a concise and easy-to-understand summary of the most important insights and trends hidden in your data.
  4. Proactive nudges based on real-time monitoring of your data: Beagle regularly monitors your updated data and sends you proactive nudges to help you strike up a conversation with your data.
  5. Narrative board for easy and quick collaboration with your peers: Set up narrative boards using Beagle in your Microsoft Teams group and collaborate on the go.
  6. Integrated with Microsoft Power BI to accelerate data adoption: Beagle brings up data from your unused dashboards, Excel files, and other reports to help you become more data-aware.