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Time tracking app to boost productivity, track work hours on tasks and projects, and manage workflow

TMetric belongs to automatic time tracking software to boost workplace productivity, identify performance peaks, and display them directly on the timeline. It is intended for teams, businesses, and independent contractors and will help many professionals like developers, attorneys, marketers, and designers, remain on top of their workload.

With TMetric, you have the ideal tool for tracking work hours across projects, managing budgets, tasks, and deadlines, keeping an eye on team productivity and activity levels, setting billable rates and quickly creating invoices, configuring work schedules and workflows, keeping track of attendance, and asking for time off.

Benefits of TMetric

  • Advanced time tracking to minutes and seconds

  • Task, project, team, workflow, and time off management are available in one place

  • Business efficiency and employee productivity increase

  • Client collaboration across projects

  • Money tracking: billing, invoicing, and payroll

  • Integration with Azure DevOps and other popular systems

Key Features of Azure DevOps Integration

  • Easy installation of the TMetric browser plugin in Azure DevOps services

  • Time tracking on work items with a mouse clicks

  • Clear and detailed reporting for your projects