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Context-enrich IT/OT/ET data to help achieve cleaner, safer, healthier, more profitable operations.

Element Unify enriches siloed IT/OT/ET data with context delivering on its “Contextualize Once, Compute Anywhere, Consume Everywhere” promise to help industrial organizations achieve cleaner, safer, healthier, and more profitable operations.
Industrial enterprises are working to make progress along their analytics journey from performing local, plant-level control and decision-making to adopting more enterprise-spanning analytics and adopting advanced techniques based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. To do this, they need to address the diversity of data sources distributed throughout their operations (OT) and the desire to draw insights by considering such data from these sources alongside data from other IT (e.g. SAP) and ET (engineering technology) sources. Teams undertaking data model-building efforts to draw together IT/OT/ET data for analytics usually operate in the face of some daunting challenges:
  • The effort to build the data model is slow, manual, expensive and error-prone
  • Models for each new use case must often be built from scratch - there is little reusability of past work
  • Once built, the models require on-going manual maintenance without which they tend to become stale and less useful
Element Unify addresses such challenges head-on, providing data teams with a foundational component for their data architecture so that they can not only address today’s use cases but be ready for new ones as they emerge. Element Unify customers benefit from:
  • Fast time to insight - using no code/low code approach for building pipelines to address myriad of industrial data sources (e.g. PI system, spreadsheets, SAP, EAM) and accommodating whatever sink system required (BI and Visualization tools, ML tooling, Data Warehouses & Data Lakes)
  • Efficient, reusable data models - once built, the models can be maintained (“evergreen”) in a good state, and be available for drawing from/building upon to address new use cases, further speeding up team output
  • Industrials-specific capabilities - such as ability to glean metadata from Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) or to join data from the PI System with other metadata from systems like SAP and Hexagon and export Asset Frameworks back to the PI System
  • Enterprise-grade security - secure, scalable solution architecture with support for advanced authentication and access control, backed by industry-leading ISO27001 certified Information Security Management System (ISMS) to provide governance, risk management and controls required for modern SaaS applications

Element Unify is integrated with and has support for the Azure IoT ecosystem including specifically Azure Digital Twin, Azure IoT Hub, and Azure Time Series Insights.

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