PowerBI Template App for Salesforce

作成者: Fresh BI

PowerBI Template App for Salesforce

So, what is a Power BI Template App?

A Power BI Template App is a published Power BI solution that can be used by any company that has the data platform for which the Template App was created.

Wouldn’t it be nice to pick your entire Power BI Solution off the shelf - one crafted for your specific business needs and your specific data structure. Power BI Template Apps are designed to be such an out-of-the-box solution and this blog post is an example of such for a Power BI Solution for Salesforce.

Inside of this FREE Power BI Template App you will find all of the necessary elements for creating a simple pipeline model for Salesforce. This template is meant to be an entry level solution for Salesforce and Power BI, showcasing the basics. This template app could provide a starting point for more advanced reporting.

If you use Salesforce and your organization is data savvy then this Power BI Template App is for you. The purpose of the Power BI Template App is to aid your business decisions around your Sales Pipeline. It does this through displaying your Sales Pipeline in various visual ways.

- Total Pipeline in $
- Total Amount that has hit our Pipeline over the past 6 months
- Win Rate of all activity to-date
- Total # of deals closed over the past 6 months
- Expected Sales (Entire Pipeline x Probability of Close for each deal)

Pipeline By Stage:
- Visualize your entire Pipeline in the order of the value attributed to each stage of the sale.

6 Month Pipeline on the Closing Month, segmented by Stage:
- See your predicted close dates for all deals, segmented by their current stage of the sale.