IBM Envizi ESG Suite

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IBM Envizi ESG Suite offers a comprehensive software platform to drive ESG performance

IBM Envizi ESG Suite helps large and complex organizations harness the power of data and analytics to achieve their sustainability goals.

Envizi supports organizations to:

Build Data Foundation

A single system of record that delivers auditable, financial grade sustainability data across key ESG data points and metrics.

Streamline Reporting & Disclosure

GHG calculation and flexible reporting tools to meet internal and external reporting requirements and frameworks.

Accelerate Decarbonization

Unlock insights to inform the fastest and most cost-effective pathway to low carbon goals.

Unlike financial data, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data is typically held in disparate, disconnected systems spread throughout an organization. It may be buried in utility bills, on spreadsheets on local drives or contained within other enterprise systems. Envizi is an enterprise level system with the capability to capture, ingest, structure, tag and manage ESG data, all the while applying finance-grade audit and assurance processes. Calculating and reporting Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions from your organization can be complex and challenging, especially when working out of spreadsheets with formulas, multiple data sets and document versions. With Envizi GHG calculation and reporting is made easy with our extensive set of managed emissions factors, embedded market-based emissions calculations and reporting methodology all built on the GHG Protocol.

Included within the solution are the following features:

Data Management and Reporting

  • Data capture of both environmental and social metrics
  • Data pipelines connecting information from source systems
  • Extensive audit and assurance tools with track-to-source capability
  • A single system of record accessible by multiple users
  • PowerReport providing flexibility to meet reporting needs to all stakeholders
  • Organizational boundary management capabilities for GHG calculation and reporting

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management
  • Emissions calculation engine built on the GHG Protocol to meet compliance requirements
  • Extensive set of managed emissions factors
  • Embedded market-based emissions calculations process
  • Intelligent factor selection algorithm to further automate emissions calculations