Keepit® Backup for Dynamics 365


Trusted vendor-neutral SaaS Backup & Recovery for Dynamics 365

Comprehensive 3-2-1 protection for Dynamics 365 data with Keepit® secure cloud-to-cloud backup service

Unlimited : Storage, retention & support

Certified : ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISAE 3402, NIST, GDPR

Licencing : Active user / year

Trial : 15 days unlimited with professional services

Professional services included : Advisory, deployment & training (English & French)

Keepit® Backup for Dynamics 365 ensures full protection and granular recovery options of any data object, including its relationship as a choice, without any service disruptions. Use the unique Smart Search of Keepit to quickly find those important objects and instantly restore in-place without service interruptions.

Keepit’s own unique and tamper-proof storage is your guarantee data stays untouched. To meet your backup strategy, Keepit backs up to dual data centres in different geographical locations. Unlimited storage and retention are key to Keepit® Backup for Dynamics 365. You have the option to retain data for as long as needed, allowing you to offload archiving tasks via Keepit.

What is covered ?

Keepit® Backup for Dynamics 365 covers a whopping 500+ data objects, ensuring you capture every bit of critical business information while retaining all relationships. Below are the main applications currently supported by Keepit :

    • Sales
    • Field Service
    • Marketing
    • Customer Service
    • Project Service Automation

Versatile restore options

No backup solution is better than its restore capabilities. Keepit® Backup for Dynamics 365 offers versatile restore options to support all your needs, fast and easy even if that data is part of a relationship :

    • In-place restore
    • Instant Preview
    • Download
    • Shareable Links

Lost data explorer

Keepit® Backup for Dynamics 365 is the only solution on the market featuring truly unique access to your data, giving you opportunity to store and manage your data easily. Browse your point-in-time snapshots covering the retention span you have chosen or simply search for specific items and choose to do this across time.

Keepit crunches terabytes of data in an instant, giving you a very low effort supporting your organization in recovering from data loss.

Keepit as a Service

There is no need for servers, software or operations when choosing Keepit® Backup for Dynamics 365. Everything is included with access to your data from anywhere in the world :

    • Compliance
    • GDPR
    • Audit Log
    • Job Monitor
    • Validation
    • Status Monitoring