Traction Travel: A Kimley-Horn Software Solution

作成者: Kimley-Horn

Unlock the ability to gather single vehicle and crowd-sourced travel times with no infrastructure.

What is Traction?
Traction is a browser/mobile-based, cloud-hosted solution featuring comprehensive transportation performance analytics, on-line reporting, and powerful data visualizations, accessible from your workstation, smartphone, or tablet.

Key Features
Traction is a powerful transportation analytical tool, designed to provide data and analytics to drive congestion improvements for municipalities and other government agencies. Leverage the mobile app to collect travel times for user-defined trips. Access this data along with crowd-sourced travel times and high-level performance measure indicators through your browser on the Traction website.
  • Collect real-time travel time, speed, and heading information for a user trips through use of the mobile application.

  • Collect crowd travel time data for any corridor of interest, up to once per minute.

  • View analytical reports including travel time versus time of day and speed versus distance graphics.

  • Use data for calibration of other crowd sources.