Digital Distribution Center

作成者: Lenovo Software

DDC IoT Solution

Lenovo’s Digital Distribution Center (DDC) is an IoT solution developed in collaboration with NVIDIA and Microsoft. Through real-time scalable package detection, tracking and validation, DDC delivers for better optimization and increased utilization of distribution center for retail, manufacturing, and logistics operations. The solutions use multi-video stream analytics with artificial intelligence and machine learning inferencing to self-learn, optimize, and scale. The solution automatically identifies returned packages and improves the quality of returns. Images are processed on the edge (locally) with results given in real time. Lenovo’s solution is built with Azure IoT Central, Microsoft’s fully managed IoT app platform that makes it easy to connect, monitor, and manage your IoT devices and products. Use cases include: • Package detection using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning • Package identification using QR/data matrix code • Package validation • Package volume and size analysis • Damaged package detection • Real time asset tracking and utilization • Advanced Dashboard Additional releases will include: • Geofencing alerts • Palletization • Depalletization • Last-mile sorting