QVALON - Managing in-store retail operations


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Cloud mobile platform for managing retailers' in-store quality, compliance, and staff.

Single mobile app for in-store inspections, mobile audit and task management with powerful analytics for retailers.

Operational processes determine the brand value to the end customer that's why it's so important to manage it effectively.

QVALON Platform is a set of tools:

- Checklists
- Tasks
- End customer feedbacks
- Surveys
- Photo Reports
- Analytics
- Set of internal collaboration tools


Once the organization gets access to the platform, it's needed to set up initial information by using QVALON Management Console (web-based): 

- List of stores/branches or any type of objects to inspect
- List of employees who will be platform users
- Checklists templates

Then it's ready to use. 

Company desk-less field employees use QVALON Mobile App for:

- Conducting checklist inspections in the places where the operational processes are run.
- Execute their own tasks and generate tasks for other departments, generate photo reports

Management employees get a clear understanding of real business run in the field by working with powerful QVALON analytics.
Analytical engine aggregates information from the entire network of inspected objects in real-time, highlights issues and negative trends so that gives the ability to take a relevant action immediately.