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Next-Gen Sales Automation: Get More Selling Time. Works with your Office365, CRM and Cloud Apps.

  • Want significantly more selling time every day?
  • Ever wish you are instantly prepared for every customer meeting in minutes?
  • Ever wonder if there was a way to automate all your critical follow-up tasks and CRM updates?
MobileForce SalesVelocity delivers all of the above for you making you more productive, efficient and effective in sales.
It works out of the box with Office365, your CRM and other cloud apps.
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MobileForce SalesVelocity is an easy to use app that enables you to work smarter via an Intelligent "Single Pane of Glass” productivity dashboard that delivers just the right information and sales actions, at the right time, on any device - for your sales success. It integrates all your cloud and on-premise enterprise applications into a contextually-relevant real-time experience that empowers you in the “Act of Selling” so you can ace every client meeting and execute your follow-up tasks faster. It supplements your CRM. It gives you 25% more “selling time” back every week, helping you close more deals, faster. It gives you real-time insights into which sales assets are most effective based on your buyers' journey. Finally, it analyzes impact of your activities to automatically recommend best practices to help you exceed your revenue targets.