RevTwo Autonomous Support

作成者: RevTwo

Resolve complex customer issues with AI

RevTwo is the world’s first Autonomous Support platform designed to solve complex customer issues. Our patent-pending product uses AI and live product data, directly from the source of the customer issue, to diagnose and fix problems without human intervention. For the first time, your customers will be able to self-service complex problems without call center support and achieve the same diagnostic accuracy as they would with a fully-trained technician. With each customer interaction, the AI gets smarter and will quickly become as fast and as accurate your best agent. RevTwo easily integrates with your existing support systems and upskills your agents so they can quickly provide the best answer. RevTwo delivers a complete support solution that reduces ticket flow, improves operational efficiency, and enhances your customer’s product experience. RevTwo works with your: - Field Service Management System - Knowledge Base - IoT System - Contact Center - CRM