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Automated workforce management

We help companies to accelerate challenging workflows in complex shift scheduling with automated processes in our intelligent cloud-based solution.

The values of shyftplan: 

1. Engage your employees with demand-driven workforce management: Rely on modern, automated workforce scheduling. With our solutions, you motivate your employees and increase their level of satisfaction, thereby ensuring greater efficiency.

2. Avoid risks in your operations and with compliance: Malfunctions during operations will cost you time and money. We'll show you how our smart, automated solutions can help you eliminate risks, avoid errors, and achieve better results. 

3. Save time and money through digitalized shift planning: Let’s face it, manual shift scheduling is time-consuming. You must rearrange charts, move shifts around, and then coordinate new schedules you’re your employees. Not to mention vacations, absences, illnesses, and more. Our automated shift scheduling software saves you time and money. 

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This application is available in English, German and French language.