Smile CDR FHIR Data Platform

Smile CDR Inc

Smile CDR is an Enterprise FHIR Data Platform that can meet CMS Patient Access Rule

Smile CDR is an enterprise-class FHIR server purposely designed and developed to provide a health data platform that readily meets current and emerging needs of healthcare organizations, including regulations such as those in the ONC and CMS Interoperability and Patient Access mandate.  

Since 2016, Smile CDR Inc. have been an industry leader in FHIR.  For example, we are the maintainers of HAPI FHIR (HAPI), the open-source reference implementation of the FHIR specification in Java.  Today, Smile CDR is a industry platform leader and is recognized by Gartner as a purpose built solutions to help payers achieve compliance with CMS interoperability mandates and by IDC as leader in this space.

The key benefit that Smile CDR provides compared to other solutions is that, as a complete healthcare data platform, it includes other features that will provide strategic business benefits now and well into the future.   This investment in Smile CDR will enable Provider to Payer data exchange, and enhance analytics capabilities,  all while uplifting data quality and usability.

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