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Encourage carsharing in your organization or community and activate your fleet with Roam!

Unleash your own carshare scheme by offering an intuitive mobile app to drivers that puts them in control of their mobility, while also unburdening fleet management via a dedicated web portal.

Roam empowers

- Corporate fleet managers to organize car sharing for employees

- Large fleet owners to optimize the use of their car park

- Leasing companies to offer a car share scheme to their corporate customers

Mobility is on the move. Cars are no longer the main means of transportation but are making way for multi-mobility. People expect to travel in the most efficient way at any given time and for any given purpose. This evidently leads to a shift in how society regards cars. There is less need for individuals to own a vehicle; people rather perceive mobility – and the use of cars in particular - as a service.

Managing a shared car park in Roam helps

- To level up a leasing company’s customer service

- To reduce the CO2 footprint linked to a corporate car park

- To manage corporate fleets more cost-efficiently

- To optimize corporate fleet usage

- To let drivers be in control of their mobility

- To unburden fleet management