作成者: Sysphera Tecnologia LTDA

Sysphera Plan and Decide. Better

Sysphera Enterprise Management Suite is a powerful Performance Management application that allows business users to define, plan, manage, analyze, predict, monitor, and report on all aspects of financial planning and operational performance.

Corporate Performance Management solutions are tools that allow companies to measure, monitor and manage their operations, with a positive and significant impact on their performance. SYSPHERA offers a tremendous increase in the productivity of planning activities carried out only with the extensive use of spreadsheets and exchange of e-mails. Through an intuitive interface, managers are able to develop and test multiple scenarios, do sensitivity analyzes and identify initiatives more aligned with the strategic goals of the company.

SYSPHERA comprises a robust technology of application integration which allows to focus on information derived from any ERP / CRM, Office applications or any file database.

The latest version of the solution, SYSPHERA UX, has been completely rewritten on the Microsoft .Net Core 2.0 platform, which represented a huge improvement in the solution's performance. The native integration with Microsoft Power BI was maintained and expanded, allowing the elaboration of Forecast through Machine Learning or R Language.

What does the solution offer?

The financial, regulatory and operational areas can budget and analyze their resources in numerous scenarios to better understand the initiatives that will maximize corporate performance. Through an intuitive interface, managers create and test scenarios, make analyzes and identify initiatives that are more aligned with the company's strategic objectives.

SYSPHERA allows the identification of the company's best value levers, supporting more consistent and timely decisions. The solution also consolidates all business units and companies in the group, even from different business lines and with different accounting structures in an online and real-time manner.

SYSPHERA integrates with any ERP and transactional system. In addition, it takes advantage of the investment made in Business Intelligence solutions, allowing data sharing between both.