T-Mobile Telephony for Microsoft Teams

作成者: T-mobile Netherlands

Integration of fixed and mobile telephony Microsoft Teams Integrate fixed and mobile voice

"This application is available only in Dutch"

Leverage all the benefits of Microsoft Teams with T-Mobile Telephony. With the unique capability to receive and place external phone calls due to the integration of a fixed and/or mobile number via your trusted Microsoft Teams interface and the T-Mobile Telephony App to control your settings.

With T-Mobile Telephony you are reachable on every compatible device with your fixed and mobile number, whenever and wherever you want.

Manage settings via the T-Mobile Telephony App with automatic presence recognition, making it possible to never being disturbed during a meeting.

With intelligent usermanagement, T-Mobile overcomes the complexities of managing multiple integrated platforms.

T-Mobile offers rapid implementation and fully-managed support in terms of daily management, monitoring and in-life support.

Simplify collaborating and communicating in and outside your organization with T-Mobile Telephony, increasing the productivity and efficiency of your employees.