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Overlay calendars and events in a single view in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

Enhance your collaborative efforts and stay organized with Virto Calendar Overlay Pro Subcritpion. Specifically designed for SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, this robust SaaS solution seamlessly merges multiple calendars from various sources like SharePoint, Outlook, Microsoft Planner and online calendars(iCalendars) into one unified view. The overlay provides a visually appealing and streamlined experience, making scheduling and planning tasks more efficient than ever.

Who benefits?
Ideal for professionals, team leads, and project managers working on SharePoint or Microsoft Teams. If you're collaborating across various projects, departments, or even countries, Virto Calendar Overlay Pro ensures you never miss a beat.

Addressed Needs:
Are you tired of toggling between different calendars? Feeling lost in a maze of overlapping events or meetings? Virto Calendar Overlay Pro addresses these common challenges by offering:
  • A centralized view of multiple calendars.
  • Easy integration with SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.
  • Enhanced productivity and reduced chances of scheduling conflicts.

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