作成者: XBert Pty Ltd

Stay a step ahead in business! Detect bookkeeping errors, resolve risk, collaborate, and save money.

XBert syncs every hour with your cloud accounting data, analysing it to automatically detect any human errors, anomalies, and business patterns - plus, it gives the up-to-date and accurate snapshots of the business' financial status you always wanted. Save hours with automated bookkeeping checks and audits. XBert uses AI, sophisticated algorithms, custom machine learning and predictive analytics to find things that even a highly trained eye may miss!

The XBert CONNECT portal is perfect for managing a busy advisory practice or multiple business organisations efficiently. Gain oversight of your entire workflow with the customisable AI-powered Process Status dashboard and see critical information for each linked business using your Organisations dashboard. Prioritise team workflow by filtering and sorting organisations based on risk amount, risk type, process or service tag, date or other criteria, assign an organisation to a team member to manage and create CONNECT-only tasks.

Stay on top of your XBert risk alerts to ensure accuracy and compliance, safeguarding the books and the business. XBert's collaborative task management tools will keep you organised and up to date. Save time by not having to search for errors and perform manual checks and auditing.

When working in Xero, use the innovative browser extension for Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to get notified if there are any risks or XBert tasks associated with that Xero entry. You can also create and assign XBert tasks that will link directly to the Xero entry.

Save money by resolving financial and bookkeeping risks before it's late and the money is gone for good! XBert provides peace of mind for business owners so they can focus on the business, and allows finance and advisory teams to increase efficiencies and add meaningful value for their clients. 

Stay a step ahead in business and let XBert do the hard work for you. Currently, XBert integrates with Xero using Australian tax rates and has been added to the Xero app marketplace as an approved Add-On Partner. MYOB and QuickBooks integrations are coming soon.