Metaverse and NFT - AI collection service

作成者: XnFinity

AI Generation colletions for NFTs or Metaverse

The XNFY Lab team, developed a patent-pending technology to provide designers, brands, influencers or marketplaces a powerful Artificial Intelligence technology that learns from multiple sources and generates exclusive high-definition images aligned with the customers needs.

XNFY Lab, AI Content Generated, is a patent-pending technology with 'endless' use cases and applications, where is able to create via AI different assets like:
  1. Realistic avatars
  2. Clothes
  3. Footwear like sneakers, etc..
  4. Accessories like bags, watches, etc..
  5. Art
  6. Among others..

During the last Holidays season, XNFY Lab together with Fashable generated unique painting art via AI to give to some of its customers and partners. This use case is available at OpenSea:

We are revolutionizing digital content creation, and building a powerful visual technology for this new and emerging industry (NFTs and Metaverse), with applications in different use cases.