Enable Frontline Worker 4-weeks PoC


Unleash the power of your frontline workers and save money at the same time.

You have gone through the Microsoft 365 Jumpstart Workshop and learned about the possibilities of modern workforce enablement?

Then take the next step, try it out in a real environment and move to the proof-of-concept (POC) phase, where your requirements and ideas will come to life.

Let us show you ways to enable them and develop a new way of working with Microsoft 365.

Possible subjects for the POC are:

  • Shift planning for mobile device
  • Borderless onboarding / offboarding processes
  • Microsoft 365 based corporate web-shop
  • Paperless Collaboration processes

The POC is divided into several phases and will be executed in cooperation with:

  1. An in-depth planning phase with the frontline and information worker.
  • Transfer of the initial ideas into requirements
  • If needed shop-floorwalking for gathering detailed insights
  • Approval of the requirements catalogue between Fujitsu and the customer
  • Planning and approval of the POC project plan
  1. The preparation phase will prepare the organizational and technological setup.
  • Communication
  • Setup of the environment
  • Setup of the devices
  • Definition POC program
  • Agreement on POC/test program
  1. The POC project phase (28 Days)
  • Handover of the environment to the customer
  • Execution of the POC by the customer and his frontline workers
  • Regular milestones for status checks
  • Feedback & Alignment between Fujitsu and customer
  1. POC Final Phase.
  • Result gathering
  • Evaluation of the POC
  • Alignment on next steps (transfer to production phase)

Get in touch with us today for further details and to schedule your workshop.

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