Microsoft Teams Management Workshop: 1 Day

Solutions2Share GmbH

In this Teams Management Workshop, we will identify the key methods and technologies necessary for your governance strategy to prevent uncontrolled growth and keep control of your Teams environment.

This workshop serves to identify the technologies used in managing Microsoft Teams. In addition, it is intended to show what is possible on the subject of governance and Microsoft Teams. The aim of the workshop is to establish the gap of unused governance and management possibilities and to create a plan how this gap can be closed.

Analysis of the existing situation in the company

  • Which methods, which technologies and which tools are currently used?
  • Breakdown of the components to be considered (Active Directory, Microsoft Teams, Planner, etc.)
  • Are users currently building their own Teams, or are there specifications?

Developing the desired situation

  • Is an approval workflow needed to request a new Team or SharePoint site?
  • What is the default Active Directory setting?
  • Do different Teams need a different lifespan?
  • Are there company-specific requirements for templates and processes?
  • Is there a concept for naming Teams and what could it look like?

As a conclusion, we will summarize the necessary measures and next steps.


Part 1

  • Governance Assessment
  • Governance Beginners Guide
  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Identifying use cases and defining templates
  • Microsoft out-of-the-box governance features for Teams and apps
  • Theory for governance guide & best practices: Naming conventions, lifecycles, classifications, metadata

Part 2

  • Disabling the team creation
  • Creating classification labels
  • Checking the team settings in the admin center (governance)
  • Putting theory into practice
    • Team templates
    • Naming conventions
    • Lifecycles
    • Classifications
    • Metadata
  • SharePoint
  • Define next steps

Your workshop instructors are experts in Microsoft Teams management and governance topics around Microsoft 365. The workshops are in large parts held remotely and can be adapted to match your requirements. Contact Solutions2Share for more details!

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