Quick Start for Sales Team: 5-Day Implementation

XRM Vision

Creating and implementing a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Solution, in just five days, to elevate your Sales Team’s processes.

A fully functional Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales solution installed and configured within five days? Yes, it’s possible! These five days will cover important aspects for your sales team, to configure Dynamics 365 for Sales for your business needs.


  • Client data centralization
  • Elimination of use and continuous updating of Excel sheets
  • Access to your data on the go
  • Standardization of your account management
  • Optimized process for converting and tracking opportunities
  • Global view of key performance indicators (KPI) related to sales


Day 1

  • Analysis of sales team’s business needs
  • Analysis of sales-related business processes – lead management, account and contact management, opportunity management
  • Recommendations on which business processes to integrate within your CRM

Day 2

  • Deployment of environments and purchase of licenses
  • The configuration of the sales module (accounts, contacts, activities, prospects, opportunities)
  • Customization of forms
  • The configuration of a business process flow (prospect to opportunity)

Day 3

  • The configuration of business rules and automation
  • Implementation of the dashboard for managers and representatives
  • Creation of the sales funnel and relevant graphics
  • Deployment in the production environment

Day 4

  • Enabling email boxes
  • Installation and synchronization of mobile applications
  • Integration with Outlook
  • Tests and validation

Day 5

  • Adjustments according to tests and validation results
  • Creation of users in the CRM
  • Training of users


  • A functional CRM solution online
  • An integrated process for incident management
  • Integration of incoming email to your CRM
  • A dashboard with graphics for the managers and representatives of the sales team

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