TCOG LS Cloud Scanning

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The modern scanning solution based on Android that optimizes your warehouse and store processes

Perhaps you are still using a paper pick receipt in conjunction with a packing table? This can be done much more efficiently.

By combining the pick, pack and check process into one operation, you can realize great time and cost savings!

TCOG LS Cloud Scanning on Android, the modern and scalable scanning solution for your warehouse, is standard connected to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Online.

You can use TCOG LS Cloud Scanning for:

Purchasing & Receiving

Keep your stock up to date thanks to purchasing advice. Do you have an order coming in? Then TCOG LS Cloud Scanning ensures that these products are added to the stock. With this app you can create purchase and transfer orders, rack jobbing for your suppliers, price checkers and consulting item statistics.

Pick lists

Processing pick lists in batches saves you a lot of time. Collect multiple pick lists and then take care of one practical round in your warehouse.

Stock & location management

Keep track of your stock. As soon as you collect an order, TCOG LS Cloud Scanning shows you the different locations in the right order for an efficient route. TCOG LS Cloud Scanning is an app for your mobile device to be used by the retailer’s staff for all inventory processes in the store such as receiving and return of goods, picking and shipping of goods, request stock at head quarter, stock counting.

Shipments & returns

TCOG LS Cloud Scanning arranges the shipment with your carrier*, prints the shipping label and links the tracking code back to your webshop.

*Requires an integration with ShipIt or SendCloud.


TCOG LS Cloud Scanning is compatible with nearly all android mobile devices and can be used across all your stores or service points.


All data for TCOG LS Cloud Scanning is setup up in LS Central and synchronization is done on-line to your Head Quarter operational database.

Go to our website to learn more about our solution and how get you up and running.

TCOG LS Cloud Scanning is a part of the TCOG Cloud Scanning app.

Supported Countries:

The Netherlands and Belgium

Supported Languages:

Dutch (Dutch), Dutch (Belgium), French (Belgium), English (United States)

Supported Editions:

Essentials and Premium Editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central

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