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Simplify and optimize your production planning

Do you plan a high number of production orders and need a better overview to work efficiently? Do you need to be able to reschedule and optimize at short notice with minimal disruption and workload? Do you still have some of your data in Excel and spend way too much time on production planning? If you still miss the huge visual planner on the wall, then the YAVEON ProBatch 365 Visual Planning App is just what you need: It combines the advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central planning with etagis' graphic and interactive production planning and optimization software.

It not only provides a better overview, it also optimizes planning and can be controlled at the push of a button. Users quickly learn to appreciate the benefits of efficient and intuitive operation, which helps to prevent errors.

A close look at the solution reveals many advantages. A graphical planning tool that enables the visualization and processing of production orders, operations, machines, times, and employees. It also contains features that highlight the quality and practicality of processes that you have developed over many years and multiple projects - all in one app. Queue analysis, deadlines are shown in red, alternative machine assignments, simulation scheduling, fixed machining operations, and much more. And this is just a small selection of the tools that simplify your daily work. And what about Excel? You can forget about it.

The result is that you optimize resource utilization, reduce planning workload and errors, and ensure the best possible on-time delivery with increased productivity.

etagis planning and Business Central are seamlessly connected. Changes in the planning board are made in Business Central and vice versa. If, for example, you rearrange entire production orders or individual operations on the planning board, the Microsoft Business Central data is adjusted accordingly.

A further highlight is that you control when this happens. Which means you can simulate the change first, or activate the data quickly.

Do you need cross-company planning? Contact us.

Here’s what you’ll find in the etagis app:

• Finite planning

• Simulation and optimization - rule-based, parameterizable, and traceable

• Dynamic bottleneck detection

• Alternative planning views, e.g., sales view, utilization, resource view

• Consideration of dependencies in order networks, including purchase items and contract manufacturing

• Use of alternative resources

• Frozen zone and consideration of fixations

• Support for manual planning with snap functions

• Customizable information display and search functions

• Defaults by manual groupings and priorities

• And much more

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Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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