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Loan Management

Dynamics Resources Inc.

2.0 (2)

Advanced loan management functionality for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Import loans

Import loans from external systems using Office 365 or integrate current loan system and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

Define loans

Define loans easily by entering loan information, selecting customer and property financial dimension.

Create and edit amortization schedules

Create amortization schedules by using the loans form. Payment schedule will be recalculated upon changing the loan information.

Use accrual processing for accurate reporting

Obtain accurate reports on interest revenue using accrual processing.

Set up installment payments

Make installment payment by selecting loan number or customer account. Since the amount of interest in the payment is sent to interest revenue account. If the user overpays, the system is going to pay the first selected line and the remaining amount will be deducted from the outstanding loan amount. All amortization schedules will be recalculated again, keeping the monthly payment amount the same.

Calculate bad debt

Bad debt is a percentage amount of outstanding balance of each open loan. The calculation can be run for all open loans or for specific loans. After running calculation, you will be able to review and post the bad debt allowance. The system automatically creates a general ledger journal when you post bad debt allowance. Post the calculations at the beginning of each month and reverse the posted journal automatically after the month has been closed.

Refinance loans

You can refinance the loan and change customer, interest rate, and several payments, or combine loans. Different approval levels can be created by using the loan approval workflow structure.