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UltiBuild : Solution for Building & Construction and Real Estate Developers

What is UltiBuild?

UltiBuild is an innovative App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations a high class business management system, capable of covering all requirements and need of companies in construction industry.

Based on a new concept of Cross Company Service Contract, where all other modules are connected, it provides you a complete 360° view of construction projects from the bid and quotation to the project execution, through all executing processes (subcontracting, purchasing, vendor progress billing, …)


A new challenge for each project

#1 in tenders
UltiBuild has been specifically designed to support complex quotations with thousands of lines and lots of versions and revisions. It also provides a convenient way to exchange service specifications with business partners.

#1 in execution
UltiBuild provides powerful capabilities to automate the full purchasing process. RFQ, subcontract agreements, purchase orders can automatically be created from the service contract details with a high level of flexibility. Powerful follow-up with RFQ reply comparisons and vendor progress billing are included.

#1 in budget and cost controlling
UltiBuild enhances the budget creation and provides a real time cost controlling from committed cost to estimate at completion.

As diverse as the construction industry itself, UltiBuild is design for:
- Primary construction industry: General construction and civil engineering, bridge and tunnel construction, roofing, carpentry, detached houses builder

- Finishing construction work: Electrical installation, gas, water, heating and ventilation and air-conditioning installation, insulating, building carpentry, floor...

- Real Estate Developers

This product is developed by 9altitudes. A European consulting group that consolidates local organizations in Belgium (Ad Ultima Group, Admiral Dynamics), The Netherlands (Pylades, Cayentis), France (Ad Ultima France), Denmark (Optimate, Bredana Solutions) and Slovenia (Innito).

The group has in-depth knowledge of ERP, IoT, PLM CRM, DMS and Business Analytics. The philosophy of the combined group is to be a long-term partner strengthened by the world class proven platforms of Microsoft and PTC.

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