Chilean Localization Framework

Axxon Consulting S.A

Axxon Consulting Chilean Localization Framework is the most comprehensive and powerful of the market

Axxon Consulting S.A has been developing, for more than 20 years, Localization Packs to cover the fiscal requirements of the region on the different ERP solutions of Microsoft Dynamics, not only to comply with the national and provincial regulations (taxes, withholdings, perceptions, processing of information files), electronic invoice, outputs in different formats and reports), but also oriented to cover local practices and habits (i.e. administration of own and third-party checks).

Our Localization Pack covers all the Dynamics AX versions that evolved up to the current Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations One Version. We are in continuous analyze of information in order to maintain the Localization Pack, incorporating new requirements of the different fiscal bodies of each country (Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Panama).

The solution includes the development of specific fields for the configuration of master data in Customers and Suppliers, special validations, national and provincial taxes, a powerful calculation engine for Withholdings and Tax Perceptions, Electronic Invoice generation, processing of specific files with information that update data required for tax calculations, an engine for reports generating and legal files required, a treasury module for the management of third party deferred checks and other means of collection / payment. In constant evolution, additional requirements are including in the Localization Pack.

At present, Economic Inflation Adjustment processes are currently being incorporated for those countries that require it, and we are constantly analyzing the rules and requirements that may arise, getting feedback from our diverse Customer base. In order to comply with this, Axxon has a specially constituted area, a team formed by functional analysts and developers, who follow the specifications and recommendations that Microsoft requires to certify the Localization Pack.

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