Supply Chain Cloud - Voice

Blue Horseshoe Solutions, Inc.

Supply Chain Cloud - Voice Enablement integrates voice capabilities within Dynamics 365 SCM

Supply Chain Cloud - Voice

Supply Chain Cloud - Voice offers a seamless integration of voice capabilities within Dynamics 365 SCM Module. Utilize voice enablement to run a better, more efficient business. Voice solutions can increase worker productivity up to 35%, while reducing errors up to 25%. In addition, training time for new workers can be greatly reduced by up to 50% for every new hire.

Key Benefit - Accuracy

· Near 100% accuracy seen at deployments

· Utilize “check digits” to ensure correct location

· Hands and eyes are free to focus on work activity

Integrate other Technology to Capture Information

· Bluetooth | Scanners | Printers

· Capture UPC | Batch | Serial Number

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