IFR Dynamics 365FO Form 190

IFR SAU ұсынады

Generate the Spanish tax Form 190 - Information return, withholdings and payment on account.

The IFR Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Form 190 solution creates the file according to the Spanish Tax Authority Form 190.

It easily creates the file with information of all withholdings (professional, employees, etc.), either for accrual or cash approach.

  • The information is generated from Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations transactions using sales tax codes or withholding tax codes.
  • Use standard Spanish VAT books adapted to both approaches.
  • Benefit from the information in Spanish VAT Reports, settled monthly or quarterly, grouping these lines in the annual information return.
  • Setup form codes in an easy way.
  • Identify different presentation levels (estate, provincial councils, etc.).
  • Add additional data of certain recipients for mandatory form codes.
  • Add manually or via DMF template the employees withholdings.
  • Setup parameters and signatures for letter printing required by recipients.
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