智慧商店行動支付 (Smart store payment integration app)

智域國際股份有限公司 ұсынады

Help customer to take orders by themselves.

i-Planet provides "Cloud / BigData / AI" solutions to our customers. We help our customers build small amount payment process. Our solution focus on Education & Government industry. Projects including souvenir purchasing, transcript printing, leave apply and survey app.

In order to help shop keepers manage their shop more easier, we developed an APP to help customer take orders by themselves.

Have you walked into a restaurant and found that customers are waiting in a long line, all clerks are busy and customers are already impatient?

This app was created to automate the order process. Customer can follow the APP to take orders and pay. Shop keepers can save human resources and focus on making customers’ requirements.

With this app, the shop can decrease waiting customers quickly and customers can have their orders taken immediately. (This app is available in Chinese)

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