LoyaltyOne - Loyalty Management Solution


Solution is designed to provide effective customer data management combined with the loyalty program

Industries today are looking for solutions which can engage the customers and also understand their buying patterns. Some of the key drivers for Loyalty Management System:

    • Unavailability of client data
    • Need for Integrable customer facing channels
    • Need to deliver targeted loyalty programs and personalized rewards.

The Loyalty Management solution leverages powerful features of Dynamics CRM 365 to provide effective customer data management and flexibility in rule definitions for the loyalty programs.

    • Loyalty Program Management - Create, execute and analyze multiple programs at the same time
    • Promotion Management – Define promotions on the fly with flexible rules and actions
    • Tier Management – Define tier level, expiry criteria, automatic tier transition rules
    • Member enrollment – Unique id generation for virtual card, program membership, tracking of sales transaction
    • Customer 360 – Comprehensive view of all customer interactions, buying patterns, trends etc.
    • Configurable Rule engine – Rules for accrual, promotion, tier transitions
    • Loyalty product management – Setup products for redemption, automatic display of eligible redeemable products
    • Ease of Integration – Designed Azure Service API to provide the seamless integration with the existing POS and e-commerce applications.
    • Referral and Social media integration

The Loyalty Management solution helps Retail or Travel and Hospitality industries to retain their customers with happy and positive sentiments.

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