Coleida TrackYourOrder

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Coleida TrackYourOrder is a reliable, integrated solution for tracking components in production.


Coleida TrackYourOrder is a reliable, easy-to-use solution for tracking components throughout the manufacturing process.

Relying on inexpensive components, Coleida TrackYourOrder can be flexibly integrated into existing workplaces and manufacturing processes. Designed for companies with a high-degree of customer-specific work orders, Coleida TrackYourOrder allows companies to get reliable information on the status of customer's orders.

With Coleida TrackYourOrder, production managers can easily get an overview on the current process of any production order, e.g. current location, production steps already completed, and overall progress.

Coleida TrackYourOrder records and stores comprehensive information from the connected sensors. Automatically put in context with production orders, Coleida TrackYourOrder enables advanced analytics.

How Coleida TrackYourOrder works

Based on an innovative connection of software and hardware:

  • Registration stations that can be easily integrated into existing workplaces, for example in your warehouse and on the shop floor
  • Inexpensive tags that can be attached to transportation containers that work together with the registration stations
  • A user interface for shop floor use, e.g. on workstations. Through this user interface, first line workers can use barcode scanners, QR code readers, keyboards, or speech recognition to interact with Coleida TrackYourOrder.
  • Managers and administrators can access advanced features and reports through a cross-platform app.

Key features

  • Manufacturing companies can digitalize their shop floor. Information on the physical location of assets can be combined with work plans and order lists.
  • Using historical information gathered by Coleida TrackYourOrder, manufacturing companies can deliver more reliable capable-to-promise predictions.
  • Can be used as a standalone solution, or integrate into existing ERP and warehousing systems.
  • The combination of no-touch hardware sensors and retrofitted tags allows for integration into manufacturing with minimum impact on productivity.
  • Different hardware options allow asset recognition in closely defined areas such as workbenches, or large spaces such as warehouse sections.
  • Optimized for heavy duty use with versatile input options (touch, keyboard, barcode scanners, QR code readers, voice recognition).

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