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InsideView Refresh for Dynamics


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Data cleansing solution to automatically clean and update CRM records with accurate and current info

Prevent Data Decay with InsideView Refresh

Data is the heartbeat of your business. But every day, changes in the market - and inside your own company - compromise the health of that data. InsideView Refresh is a data cleansing solution that automatically cleans, updates, and standardizes your Dynamics 365 or CRM records with current, continuously refreshed information. Powered by the InsideView Targeting Intelligence Platform, InsideView Refresh provides the greatest possible control over the quality and completeness of your CRM data.

Make updates quickly and routinely

Traditional data cleanses are highly manual offline processes done on an infrequent basis. With InsideView Refresh, updates can be scheduled as often as daily or done “on the fly,” so updates can be captured within minutes or hours. InsideView Refresh for Dynamics ensures that this process is a natural part of your team’s workflow.

Apply fine-grain control over updates

Data requirements are increasingly nuanced, such that one-size-fits-all approaches to data hygiene aren’t enough. With InsideView Refresh, you can define precisely which records you want to manage, gain field-level control over updates, and segment data for alternate mapping and behaviors.

Gain greater data visibility

Large-scale data updates typically require hours of time and offer a limited view into those changes. InsideView Refresh’s data visualization offers full visibility into what is changing in your CRM, so you can quickly accept or reject updates. The solution also allows you to make individual record or bulk changes.

Correct bad or missing data

Bad data can be worse than no data at all. InsideView Refresh updates old and inaccurate information and supplies important missing details, drawing from more than 40,000 triangulated data sources.