Employee Loan Management App


Employee loan management app developed using Microsoft PowerApps and Power Automate

Using this app, employees can easily raise requests for cash vs. non-cash loans through an easy to use interface. Workflow automation has been provided to review the loan request using highly flexible hierarchy based workflow. Users can also return the loan items and notifications are sent to employees and loan item owners automatically when an item return is due and when the item is returned. 

Department owners can be assigned to individual loan items so they can be aware of items loaned to employees. Using the workflow, one or more reviewers can be assigned to review the loan request. Grace period along with planned return vs actual return dates track the loan item return. 

The app can be integrated with back end ERP or other applications to complete the end to end process from requesting and granting loan to return. This is particularly important for cash loans where the granted loan impact on the employee payroll. 
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