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KORUS CRM | Calendar

KORUS CRM | Calendar is a convenient tool to plan managers’ activities in Microsoft Dynаmics 365 or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With this solution, superiors can control staff actions while managers operate via a familiar and intuitive planner interface within CRM. This makes switching between systems unnecessary.

The Calendar displays activities entered into a CRM system in an easy-to-operate format. Users can see several activity types available in the Calendar: task, meeting, and call. 

KORUS CRM Calendar is:

  • a well-structured visual planner within CRM
  • a way to monitor performance of a specific manager or a task group
  • a tool to track overdue actions
  • a visual system for tracking managers’ workload

This solution enables you to:

  • track activities by day, week or month
  • simplify your scheduling process
  • navigate rapidly through the list of actions planned.

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