Maptaskr Standard for Power Apps

Maptaskr ұсынады

Discover New Insights using your Location Data

With Maptaskr, you can now manage your customers effectively, by searching, visualising, perform analysis and plan strategies with the power of Geospatial and Location Intelligence

Maptaskr integrates with the Power Platform, click the ‘Free trial’ button to get started.

Communicate with your Customers -

Easily search for and communicate with your customers, leads or contact - either it being announcements or planned outages in specific areas, business needs or based on external data can be challenging. Visualize and add bulk customers to Marketing Lists.

Combine Power Platform and ESRI ArcGIS (Enterprise Version) -

Put your Power Platform data in context with ArcGIS, by easily sharing your ArcGIS data securely with Dynamics users. Enabling field staff to interact and take actions by providing them with relevant business-critical data.

Enable Analytics -

Overlay freely available government and agency data like transport, health, demographic, weather forecasts and real-time data. Perform analysis to see how your customers are affected by the services provided by the government and agencies. Incorporate aerial imagery (Nearmap & MetroMap) for accurate ground intelligence, before your staff visit job sites.

Accounts Near Me + Route Planning -

‘Accounts Near Me’ (Radius Search) lets you see all your customers, leads, prospect near you in real-time. This allows you to quickly get an overview and start planning your trip or day. Select the customers you wish to see and let optimize your route.

Technical Details -

  • ESRI ArcGIS support, OGC Formats: WMS, WFS, WMTS, KML, GeoJSON, TopoJSON, CSV
  • Geocoding: BING, ESRI & Google
  • Base maps: BING, ESRI, OpenStreetMaps (OSM) & Azure Maps. Support for custom projections (Preview)
  • Support for PowerBI report integration
  • Native mobile app for iOS & Android

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