Copy Record Set

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Create Quotes, Orders & Invoices Using Duplicate Records and Become More Productive.

Copy Record Set is a Microsoft CRM Add-on specifically built to ease the process of creating quotes, orders and invoices by simply allowing the creation of duplicate record sets for quick editing and processing for reduced response time and greater customer satisfaction.

Copy Record Set can work brilliantly for template-based sales processes, repetitive orders and multiple invoice dates. Subsequently, it minimizes the data error occurrence while improving the data accuracy and allowing data correction at all levels of the company. Copy Record Set is applicable on all entities.

Another importing feature of Copy Record Set is its ability to retract 1: N and N: N relationships with respect to accounts, leads and contacts.

Product Highlights:

  • Can reuse already existing Quote, Order, and Invoice for future prospects.
  • Multiple new records can now be added without opening any new sub-windows or forms and edited without ever leaving the grid to substantially reduce data entry time.
  • Data formatting quality and uniformity greatly enhanced by the ability to audit and edit on-the-fly so easily improves marketing efforts and CRM User appreciation.
  • Fast deployment and easy integration with your CRM application.

MTC is a leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM global engineering services firm. MTC offers a “right-fit solution” model leveraging its over 50 packaged Dynamics 365 / CRM products, all customizable for you to fit unique needs, with deep CRM and CRM Portal design, development, and life cycle engineering and support for an affordable solution-gap 1-stop resource globally to end-users and Microsoft professionals of all sizes.

Don’t Forget to Register Your Add-on from Within Your Dynamics 365 / CRM Settings

You will receive an email with helpful instruction links after download, a 2nd email confirming “License Activation” is also sent upon product license activation.

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