Easily reorder the sequence of records within a sub-grid

This solution will enable you to quickly adjust the order of records listed in a sub-grid. Simply drag and drop individual items to define an updated sequence that will be accessible to all users of Dynamics 365 and Power Apps. 

Modify sub-grids with minimal effort using the drag and drop tools

Enabling this solution on a sub-grid allows users to quickly and easily rearrange the order of a sequence of records/rows, by clicking and dragging a record to the required position.

Prioritise by working with an adjustable order of records/rows 

Edit sub-grids to keep the order of records up to date. This allows users to better approach projects, cases and tasks with a sequence of item that reflects each scenario and the current priorities.

Usage Examples

      • Use a sub-grid on a Project record to flexibly rearrange project tasks.
      • On an Account record, place a sub-grid with drag and drop controls to place the best known or most senior contacts at the top.
      • For Case records use sub-grids of activities to enable users to reorder the sequence and deal with the up-most priorities first.

Available with Preact's Managed Service

The Drag & Drop Sub-Grids solution is available at no additional cost as part of Preact's managed service. For non-managed service customers, it can be deployed through a separate subscription which includes access to our full catalogue of solutions.
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