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Vendere Group

Vendere Group offers you a CRM solution to manage your advertising campaigns.

You want an emailing solution that suits your needs? Vendere Group offers you a CRM solution to manage your advertising campaigns with its simple and powerful tool that automatically integrates with MailChimp. CRM2MailChimp is a Dynamics 365 add-on that keeps all of your critical marketing data synchronized with MailChimp. You continue to manage your leads, contacts and marketing lists (MailChimp Groups) directly in CRM. Our app ensures that any change updates MailChimp subscriber data and returns all results from email campaigns back to CRM. For you to be more efficient, it is done automatically and instantly. Therefore, you no longer waste time to manually export data from CRM and import in MailChimp. Also, to benefit more from your marketing campaigns, you can create nurturing campaigns from your leads and contacts by using standard workflows. Finally, CRM2MailChimp helps you manage your explicit and implicit opt-in & opt-out directly from CRM not to infringe the anti-spam regulations. Without any doubt, Vendere Group offers the most complete and easiest solution to use on the market.