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Employee Directory


4.2 (76)

View/Chat/Call employees within the Office 365 tenant

This add-in has the capability to

- View complete details of employees within the organization.

- Fetches the details of Users in Office365 within the current domain.

- Also gives a short-cut to ‘send an email’ or ‘start a Chat’ or ‘start a phone call’ with the telephone number available using the machines default calling add-application.

- Enhanced the Office365 ‘Search’ capabilities by fetching more than 500 employees at a time.

- Works for 50 employees in free version and unlimited in Global and Global Plus versions.

Important features

1. Start a chat

2. Send an email

3. View/Dial phone numbers

4. View upcoming birthdays using Birthday app part

5. Build your Organizational Chart from your SharePoint user profile in minutes using Organizational Chart app part

6. Easy syncing of employee’s information from SharePoint user profile.

New Features added in this version

1. Can add “*” to fetch data of users from multiple domains for 1 tenant provider

2. Can blacklist/remove few unwanted SharePoint usernames

3. Can fetch details of more than 500 employees

4. Fully responsive by setting the height and width of the add-in part along with the number of employees shown on each page. Can create grids of various sizes.

5. Can adjust the number of pages shown in the pagination

6. Loading image to improve the UI

7. Alphabetically arranged users

8. Capability to pull pictures from either SharePoint or Outlook (Outlook by default)

9. Dynamic Filters

10. Multi language support feature(English,French,Dutch,German,Spanish)(User can add new language also)

11. Beyond Intranet Mobile app is bundled as a free product with paid version of add-in

12. Organizational Chart app part is bundled as a free product with paid version of add-in

13. SharePoint Azure AD Connect tool is bundled as a free product with paid version of add-in which synchronize your Azure Active Directory with SharePoint online user profile


1. Details of employee should be present in the Office365 domain

2. add-in permissions should be set to allow the add-in to read the host data

Customizations available in Custom Properties section

1. Domain name filter – Default *

If your company email addresses are in the format of johndoe@aabbcc.com. You have to set ‘aabbcc’ here.


If your company users have emails with multiple domains, say johndoe@aabbcc.com and johndoe@eeffgg.com you can set ‘*’.

2. Excluded names separated by commas(',') – Default “spo,foreign”

If you wish to remove few employees for any reason, you can add the names of employees separated by ‘,’ . Say office365 has few users with username “spocrawler” and you do not want to show them here, you can try spocrawler

3. Maximum number of Employees – Default 500

SharePoint search api allows to query 500 results at a time. If you wish to show more than 500 users, the add-in will make 2 queries from the domain and fetch results

4. Maximum page numbers available in pagination – Default 3. Maximum is 9 and minimum is 1.

5. We offer 1 hour of FREE support for configuring and troubleshooting. Feel Free to contact us in the support email ids.

Note: add-in does not work on IE 9 or below.

Recommended browsers : Chrome, Firefox, IE 10 and above

Contact us for any customization or request for the demo on the link below: