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The all-in-one email productivity tool for your inbox. Get more done with Mailbutler for Outlook!

Mailbutler is a leading email productivity extension for Outlook and other clients that helps you manage your inbox productively and strengthen your email professionalism! The light-weight tool packs an extensive suite of features that help over 100k professionals achieve their ideal work-life balance. Use powerful email-enhancing features such as email tracking, scheduling or snoozing. Create professional email signatures to represent your brand and use follow-up reminders to better manage your cold emails. Mailbutler saves time, aids productivity and improves your interaction with prospects and clients.

⧓ Who is Mailbutler for? ⧓

Mailbutler can benefit all professionals, who want to improve their email productivity. Whether it’s small to medium sized teams, freelancers or marketers. Mailbutler is suitable for anyone using email as a primary communication tool.

⧓ Key Features ⧓

Send Later — Schedule your emails to be sent at a specific time and date

Tracking — Find out when, where, and how often your email / link was opened

Snooze — Snooze emails to reappear in your inbox when you’re ready to answer

Signatures — Use self-customized, professional signatures to represent your brand

Message Templates — Avoid writing repetitive emails and speed things up

Notes — Attach simple notes to your emails and share them with the team

Tasks — Turn emails into tasks and stay focused on what matters the most

Follow-Up — Set up automatic reminders to get back to your recipients

BCC to CRM — Automatically send a copy of your email to your favorite CRM

⧓ Integrations ⧓







and more…

⧓ Pricing ⧓

Mailbutler Essential – free

Mailbutler Professional – 9.49€ monthly, 94.99€ yearly

Mailbutler Business – 34.99€ monthly, 349.99€ yearly

⧓ Testimonials ⧓

"Mailbutler has been the missing link in making my use of email as efficient as possible. It is logical, simple to use and my professional life is definitely easier with it." — Jez Moore, Founder, The Azur Collection

"Mailbutler helps me get to Inbox Zero every evening. With Snooze, I rule my emails - and not the other way around!" — Ivan Blatter, Personal Trainer

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