Acronym Analysis


Accurately analyze documents in a document library for acronyms.

Having an acronym dictionary available when developing sales and business information is very helpful. A good way to learn a customer’s business and decrypt specialized terminology.

Use XRSolutions’ Acronym Analysis on solicitations, bid requests, RFPs, technical, legal and any other acronym laden documents.

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Key Benefits

  • Analyze documents for acronyms and definitions.
  • Searches all documents in a document library.
  • View results in the web or download results as an Excel workbook.
  • The most accurate acronym analyzer available.

Made in the USA


This add-in requires a valid license.

A license can be purchased once the SharePoint Add-in is added to your site using the Get It Now button.

Free trial available.

Getting started

  1. Add Acronym Analysis to your SharePoint site using the 'Get It Now' button or with the Add App menu from you site's 'Site Contents' page.
  2. Select Acronym Analysis from you site's 'Site Contents' page and choose a plan.
  3. Sign-in to our site with your Microsoft work account and continue the checkout process.

Subscriptions are managed through our site at

For more information or to schedule a demo, email or call us at 1-888-249-8161.

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