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Remote Player allows organizations to publish critical communications to your remote workforce.

Communicate with Your Workforce No Matter Where They Are in the World

Since 2008

Industry Weapon has helped the world's largest organizations deliver content to digital signs, video walls, kiosks & conference room displays.

Now in 2020

We're helping those same organizations deliver critical information to their remote workforce using Microsoft Teams.

Your communications must be consistent, appealing, and most importantly, autonomous. Digital displays allow you to deploy motion graphics, supporting data and stunning messaging in a way that your clients and staff cannot ignore. Now you can make sure that your mobile workforce is not missing out when they aren’t able to be in the office.

Industry Weapon’s Remote Player Embedded in Microsoft Teams, allows organizations to publish in-office communications to your remote workforce in a non-interruptive format. Once the stream is embedded in your Microsoft Teams environment, employees have a simple place to go for your most important messaging.

Content is Included

Included in every Remote Player subscription are free content development services designed to help HR and Communications professionals get up and running without the need to learn software engage with a graphic designer.

Core to these services is a non-disruptive content framework that allows Work Remote clients to create positive ENERGY in your remote workforce in just 1 minute or less.

Remote Work has Presented New Challenges for how Organizations Engage with the Workforce

The synchronous and asynchronous communications platforms available today have dramatically increased employee productivity, bolstering an organization’s ability to operate outside of the home office. Remote working from home among the non-self-employed workforce has grown 140% from 2005 to 2018. But there are challenges when it comes to maintaining culture, accessing important information and creating clarity around company vision.


Newly remote workers are often surprised by the amount of communications fed through multiple platforms - email, chat and CRM making it difficult to sift through the noise for the information that matters.


Remote Employees lose out on many of the observable artifacts and collisions that make up the dynamic of the workplace. This means that leadership must find creative ways to reinforce and demonstrate company values.


Remote teams communicate more asynchronously, eliminating the context of tone and body language. Without clear direction, the workforce can be left to their own assumptions on company growth and vision.

Start Your Day with ENERGY

Before jumping into the workday, employees who start their day with ENERGY get the boost of information they need to stay energized and productive.

Employees who start their day with clarity around an organization’s focus are energized and ready to begin the day.

ENERGY Fundamentals

The ENERGY Framework breaks down the messaging into simple, bite size chunks. Content is easy to read and retain. Using Industry Weapon’s non-disruptive Remote Player technology, staff can access the information at their convenience and get on with their day, energized, knowing they are valued in the organization.

Keep your organization’s most important events and deadlines in front of your team.

Don’t rely on email or chat alone to get important news out to your teams. Get this information in your employee’s hands as often as possible.

Celebrate accomplishments and recognize employees who employ company values in their projects and . Continued recognition keeps the workforce

Establish a trusted place for employees to stay informed on safety rules and company policy updates.

Keeping organizational and department goals front and center reminds your team everyone align their activities for the day with what really matters.

Year in Focus
Leadership needs a sounding board to squash the rumor mill and keep employees up to speed with what is going on in the business. Providing brief but frequent updates keeps everyone in the know.

How it Works

The ENERGY content framework is simple to apply. Using Industry Weapon’s Work Remote Platform, organizations can embed Remote Player within their Microsoft Teams Environment

An Industry Weapon content expert will work with your HR and Communications team to get the details needed to build the ENERGY content framework

Content is managed within Industry Weapon's CommandCenterHD platform which allows for simple management of content for Remote Player along with digital signage, video walls, interactive screens and conference room displays

You need to have an active Industry Weapon Remote Player Subscription to use this app. Please contact us to learn how to get started.

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