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Make what-if analysis of your models simple, visual and interactive

With Whatifster, you can easily explore and explain the business cases hidden inside your Excel models by translating them into simple interactive and shareable dashboards.

Place your input and output widgets on any sheet, bind them to the rights cells in the model, and the resulting dashboard instantly becomes alive – all within a familiar Excel environment, without export or conversion.

Expand your what-if analysis capability by making multi-dimensional stress-testing of models simple, visual and interactive.

• Run "what-if" analysis with greater depth and flexibility than allowed by Excel

• See whether your assumptions and formulas make sense

• Test as many scenarios and assumptions as you need, simultaneously

• Explain the conclusions to decision-makers in a language they understand and avoid endless iterations and recalculations

• Create shareable dashboards with "live" interactions between inputs and outputs

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What-if visual scenario stress-testing

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