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Create custom and flexible employee time reports in Excel from your Beebole Timesheet

Beebole Time Reports is a powerful Office AddIn that seamlessly integrates the power of MS Excel with your data on Beebole Timesheet. This gives you more possibilities for customizing reports to meet your specific needs: create pivot tables, specific calculations or add more graphs.

By having Beebole Timesheet data in an Excel spreadsheet, you can also connect it to other sources that work with Office, like Power Automate, and have BI data visualization on steroids and assign multiple access levels.

*** Product Features: ***

* Select by custom date ranges.

* Get working time and absences.

* Export hours by status: draft, submitted, approved, rejected and locked.

* Get data by project, tasks, people.

* Export all Beebole reports data into the spreadsheet.

*** Requirements: ***

You must have an active Beebole Timesheet account (for API token) and a Microsoft account.

If you don’t have an account on Beebole, and you’d like to get the most of employee productivity analysis, feel free to try our app for 30 days, no credit card required. Sign up here:

*** Support: ***

Contact us at for any question, technical issues, feedback or new requests. You can also contact us through Beebole’s in-app messenger.

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