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AI assistant to raise security awareness and manage cybersecurity human risk.

Eva is the OutThink AI assistant used by customers to raise security awareness and manage cybersecurity human risk within their organization.

Like all good virtual assistants, Eva provides the additional support, knowledge and automation required to achieve key business objectives, in this case to reduce the risk of security breaches caused by the employees, through real-time nudging and security education.

Employee receive:

  • Generic security awareness training, to meet compliance requirements.
  • Real-time, targeted security awareness training, to help improve security behaviors.
  • Regular nudges with quick access to courses and assessments.
  • Regular updates on training progress and feedback, to help increase engagement and cybersecurity knowledge.

Administrator assistance:

  • Helps administrators drive engagement with security awareness training by automatically nudging employees.
  • If employees can't undertake training immediately, Eva will schedule a slot for training in their calendar, encouraging them to complete it later.
  • Eva automates the delivery of real-time, targeted security awareness training to each employee, in line with their security attitudes and behaviours.

Getting started:

A corporate subscription to the OutThink cybersecurity human risk management platform (SaaS) is required before the Eva by OutThink application for Microsoft Teams can operate.

To sign-up to the OutThink platform, for details on onboarding end-users, or for any other enquiry, email OutThink Support.

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