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Build templates easily using Maven Documents Template Builder integrated into your Word.

Maven Documents Template Builder (in short Template Builder) is a free Microsoft Office Add-In. It is a utility application used together with the Maven Documents application.

Maven Documents is an application for Salesforce dynamic and automated creation of rich quote documents, contracts, order forms, invoices, or any other documents, based on customer Salesforce data.

Maven Documents is paid application available (with trial or test drive) at AppExchange:

Maven Documents detailed documentation can be found at:

The Template Builder (Office Add-In) for DOCX files is a powerful tool that helps you create templates for usage with the Maven Documents application. It enables you to see a shared Salesforce object model that can be used with standard markup elements to build templates by point & click. It also provides an Expression Builder to make this comprehensive Maven Documents functionality seamless for use.

More info about Maven Document Template Builder (a free Microsoft Office Add-In) can be found at:

For support please use the open and accessible Service Desk portal available at:

Please note that one time (email only) Sign Up is required.

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