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The data analysis and cleansing tool that speaks your language - combining chatGPT and Excel!

Introducing chatSheets, the powerful spreadsheet add-in for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel that incorporates the cutting-edge technology of chatGPT. With chatSheets, you can harness the power of chatGPT to streamline your data analysis tasks, saving you time and effort.

With chatSheets, you can take advantage of the natural language processing capabilities of chatGPT to make your data analysis tasks more intuitive and accessible. This powerful add-in is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with your existing workflow, allowing you to get started right away.

Features include:

- **Classic Prompts:** Ask mutliple classic chatGPT prompts at once

- **Classify & Summarise:** break down qualitative data. Use chatGPT to determine sentiment, mood, feeling, or shorten a large body of text

- **Data Cleanse:** Use plain english commands to cleanse large data sets. Extract data type

- **Infer/Guess:** get chatGPT to guess things, like rating product feedback out of 5

- **Lookup:** get definitions of items, ISO codes for things like countries, or currency and even (sometimes) geolocation data

- **Translate:** translate any text to another language

You can use chatSheets immediately in a limited way for free - we simply cap the chatGPT tokens. To sign up, all we need is an Email and Password, or use your Google or Microsoft account. For more information about our pricing, please visit: You can subscribe to our pricing within the application, under 'Subscriptions', or login with your account at:

For more information on our Terms and Security Practices, please visit:

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