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Transforming internal videos into AI-powered, smart assets, discoverable in your Sharepoint account.

AnyClip's Visual Intelligence TechnologyTM is revolutionizing how business does video - with AI. We power advanced video solutions so smart, they're Genius. By instantly activating the innate data in video, the power once reserved for text - transparency, interactivity and collaboration - is now available for the most dominant form of communication, video.

By leveraging AnyClip’s Genius platform within Sharepoint, all internal videos - including meetings, webinars, events and more, are transformed into fully enabled, AI-powered video-on-demand assets for the digital workspace. This means all Sharepoint users will be able to access the AnyClip’s, Netflix-like video 'Watch' portal directly within their Sharepoint log in. Easily surface content beyond just title and description but within the video itself, leverage video transcripts in over 100 languages, stream, share and collaborate with your teams - all within a single Sharepoint login. Keep teams working together, anywhere, at any time.

The AnyClip WebPart is available for an implementation either as a WebPart within an existing SharePoint page and alongside other SharePoint elements and WebParts or as a full page WebPart, according to the SharePoint Administrator preferences.

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